Winter Promotional Products for Business Marketing in Cold Weather

Targeting your promotional products based on the season is an excellent way to ensure that they end up being used, and this is especially true of winter. Winter weather is far harsher than the weather at any other time of year, with its cold, snow, sleet, and hail causing endless problems for those who have to endure them. However, it also provides an incredible number of openings for promotional items that your customers and employees are likely to find extraordinarily useful. Anything people are likely to need over the course of the winter can make great winter promotional products, but there are a few winter promotional items that have already proven themselves time and again.

The first group of items, unsurprisingly, is made up of different kinds of promotional winter apparel. Nobody likes having to go outside in the freezing cold without a warm jacket, hat, or a pair of gloves, especially in the middle of a blizzard or hailstorm. Fortunately, every type of winter apparel that you can think of has a promotional equivalent, and it’s fairly simple to find promotional winter jackets, promotional snow hats, promotional gloves, promotional winter scarves, and many other types of promotional winter clothing to keep your customers and employees warm.

Winter Promotional Product Ideas

Logo imprinted winter apparel like this is especially popular with businesses and organizations that send their employees or volunteers to work outside during the winter months, and they are also extremely popular fundraising item at schools in colder climes. In addition to this, they can also make extremely good gifts for customers, and if given away in the months a little before people normally start buying their winter clothes, it can be easy to ensure that your promotional hats or gloves are the ones your customers will be using all through the winter.

Winter apparel can go a long way toward mitigating the effects of winter weather, but they often can’t do much of anything about one of winter’s other annoying problems: chapped lips and dry skin. Winter weather is invariably dry, and this can have a serious effect on

even the healthiest skin. Many people find themselves in need of lip balm and moisturizer all winter long, and a gift of promotional lip balm or promotional moisturizer is certain to be appreciated. Both lip balm and moisturizer end up being used up over time, so it doesn’t matter if a particular recipient already has a tube or bottle, and you can give a bit of logo imprinted lip balm or custom printed moisturizer to the same recipient more than once without the gift being any less appreciated. Customers of all different kinds can use logo lip balm and logo moisturizer, and employees are always more productive when not troubled by dry, itchy skin or painful chapped lips.

Winter promotional products that target personal comfort always work incredibly well, but those items that target personal convenience can be just as effective. Having to deal with snow and ice piling up on your car is one of the biggest inconveniences of winter, since they can both make it completely impossible to drive until they’re removed. Promotional ice scrapers and promotional snow brushes can get rid of either of them in only a couple of minutes, making them extraordinarily convenient to have on hand. Most people in colder areas keep some form of ice scraper or snow brush in their cars the entire winter just in case, so if you can get your logo imprinted ice scrapers and logo imprinted snow brushes to your customers at the right time, they’ll be seeing your logo for months.

Promotional winter apparel, promotional lip balm, and promotional ice scrapers are only a few examples of extraordinarily effective winter promotional products, but there are countless others. If a promotional item can make people comfortable during cold, snowy weather, it will keep your customers and employees thinking pleasant thoughts about your company all winter long.


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