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Custom Printed Tree Calipers for Promoting Growers, Nurseries and Landscapers!

Building a strong brand doesn’t just require making people aware of your name and logo – to create a truly solid brand you have to make them instantly associate that name and logo with what you do. With the right marketing, people will be thinking of your company every time they think about the products or services you provide. This can be partly accomplished just by designing a good logo, but for the strongest effect, it’s often a good idea for businesses to match the actual promotional products they choose with the services they provide. Promotional tree calipers are a fantastic example of this.

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Tree calipers serve a very simple function: measuring the diameter of a tree to track its growth. They’re a very specific tool typically used by landscapers, growers, and nurseries. In fact, logo printed tree calipers have such a clear and specific association with trees and landscaping that they can pass on this association to pretty much any logo printed on them, whatever it happens to look like.

Custom printed tree calipers make a great addition to the toolboxes of nurseries, growers, and landscapers. However, they can also make great giveaway items as well. Customers of nurseries and landscaping services often like having the ability to measure tree growth on their own, and promotional tree calipers give them this ability while continually reminding them where to go when they need the services of a professional. Logo printed tree calipers don’t cost very much to produce, and bulk promotional tree calipers are easily affordable enough to use as trade show giveaways.

Choosing an item that will appeal to the specific customers of your business while truly representing what your business has to offer them is the one of the best ways to build a strong brand. If your business relates to trees or landscaping and you’d like to have your own logo custom printed on tree calipers, you can have it done right here at JH Studios.

Custom Printed Tree Calipers

Tree Calipers


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