TRADE SHOW EXHIBITOR TIPS How to Prepare for a Successful Event

Trade shows and Expos are an amazing way to generate leads, but unfortunately, you can’t just walk into a trade show expecting those leads to fall right into your lap. Success with a trade show booth depends entirely on your preparation and the steps you take to make it happen. However, while figuring out the recipe for trade show booth success might seem incredibly daunting, it can actually be broken down into easy-to-follow trade show exhibitor tips which we have provided below.


    Don’t wait for the day of the show to start drawing guests to your booth. Invite people to come and visit you in advance, so that you’ll be guaranteed visitors the day of the show. Having obviously interested people visiting your booth will help to attract other curious visitors as well.
  • 2) PREPARE
    People won’t want to visit your booth without a concrete reason to do so. Have a clearly planned purpose for your exhibit, and make sure everyone knows it. Give those you invite a good reason to come and see you, and give casual passersby a reason to stop and talk to you.
  • 3) ROLE PLAY
    Soldiers train in simulated combat situations before being deployed to the real thing. The same should apply to manning a trade show booth.  Put together  a mock-up of the booth and arrange for employees or friends to visit the booth and observe how your staff interacts with them and after each visit offer your critiques.   You should also try overwhelming them with one or two more visitors than they can handle at once.  Having too many visitors at once is a common occurrence and should be prepared for. A visitor should never go without attention.  With the various scenarios and constructive critiques you offer them– Your booth staff will be better prepared and will have a good understand what is expected of them to make the expo a success.
    Go into the trade show with specific targets in mind. Figure out exactly what you hope to achieve, and make sure your exhibit is designed with those concrete goals in mind. Both your representatives and your visitors should understand what your exhibit is meant to do. Make your sales message specific and unambiguous.
  • 5) ENGAGE
    Show visitors that there’s a real person at your booth waiting to talk to them. Use eye contact to catch their attention and let them know they’re welcome to visit your exhibit.
    Smile at the people you make eye contact with. Show them that talking to you will be a positive, enjoyable experience.
  • 7) ENTICE
    Promotional items are a must.  Every visitor likes to leave with something.  Custom printed promotional products are an affordable and memorable item for your visitors to leave with. Imprint your company logo and contact information on the item.  Pick an item that relates to your company image while also giving them something they’ll use often to get more exposure to your company brand.  Plan on having 20% more items than projected show visitors.  You never want to run out of giveaway items.  Keep the promotional items close by, not at the edge of a table. These items should be used to reel visitors in close enough to help you sell your company’s products and services.
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trade show handouts

    Only send representatives who truly understand your products backwards and forwards. Ensure that they can not only answer the most common questions visitors are likely to have about your products, but can come up with answers to new questions on the fly.
    Visitors will be basing a large part of their opinion of your company on how your representatives look and behave. Make sure everyone is dressed in professional attire, and that they greet and interact with visitors in a manner befitting your company.
  • 10) STAND OUT
    A crowded trade show booth can quickly get confusing for new visitors. Have your employees wear name badges, logo shirts, or other company items to set them apart from visitors and make it immediately clear who is representing your company.
    Don’t let good leads fall through the cracks. Put those leads into the right person’s hands as soon as possible and ensure that they’re pursued right away. People are more likely to buy from you while your company is still fresh in their minds.

In the end, what all of these steps boil down to is proper preparation before the show and full engagement once you’re there. Plan out every aspect of your exhibit and your sales approach well in advance, so that you have enough time to put everything together. Your display should be ready to go well before the day of the show, and your logo imprinted giveaway items will need to be ordered several weeks in advance to ensure that you don’t head off to the show empty handed. Once the proper preparation is in place, handling the trade show itself becomes a piece of cake. Greet everyone with a smile and a nice logo imprinted gift, and be ready to engage with them about your products. Show everyone how friendly, organized, and professional your company is, and you’ll have no trouble finding people that want to do business with you.

I hope you’ve found these trade show exhibitor tips helpful.  If you need any help with trade show displays or logo printed items to hand out to your booth visitors, please let me know.  I’d happy to help!  Call me at 1-877-893-1741 or check out our online catalog at


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