Top Ten Reasons to Use Promotional Products

top promosDo promotional items have a key place in your marketing strategy? If you’re like most companies, you have at least a few promotional products that you use to promote your brand, but are you truly aware of their full potential? If you’re a bit skeptical about the power of promotional products, I can give you ten solid reasons why they should play a major role in every promotional campaign.


1) Everyone Loves Freebies
While few people would get excited about buying a pen or travel mug, everyone loves getting one for free. If you have a stack of free promotional items available, you can count on having plenty of people lining up to get them.

2) People Accept Marketing Through Promotional Items
Commercials, newspaper ads, and web page ads try to sell people on products or services at times when they generally aren’t interested, and most people consider them unwanted distractions from whatever they’re trying to watch or read. However, the majority of people consider the advertising information printed on promotional products to be a fair trade for receiving a physical item.

3) They Can Even Be Hot, Highly Sought After Items
In fact, in some cases, people actually seek out particular promotional items on purpose! 3D glasses imprinted with movie logos and custom printed concert T-shirts are only a few examples of promotional products that many people actively seek out and keep as souvenirs.

4) All The Most Successful Companies Use Them
If you’re looking for a real challenge, take a moment and try to think of a successful company that doesn’t use promotional products in some form. Soft drink companies and those in the entertainment industry have used just about every item imaginable to promote their products, and even businesses like banks and insurance companies use logo imprinted items like pens, notepads, and stress relievers as part of their promotional efforts.

5) Everyone’s Getting In On The Fun
Promotional items aren’t just used by companies — you’ll also find them being used by non-profit organizations, schools, and political campaigns. Any message that people consider important is ideal for printing on buttons, T-shirts, or other easily displayed promotional products.

6) They Don’t Require A Media Presence
Most advertisements are dependent on someone displaying them, whether it’s a television station, a magazine, a website, or even a billboard company. But how do you reach those who don’t have a huge amount of media exposure? Well, logo imprinted items like T-shirts, baseball caps, or notepads are all great places to start.

7) They’ll Get People To Your Website
Convincing people to check out your website after seeing a single ad is a hard sell, but promotional items can remind them of your website time and time again. This hugely increases the odds that they’ll see your URL at a moment when they’re actually interested in visiting.

8) They Don’t Cost A Lot
How much does the average TV spot cost? What about an ad on a billboard? Compared to promotional items, they cost a great deal, especially when you consider how little time they have to make an impact on the target viewer.

9) Put Your Logo On Any Item You Like
Nobody’s going to tear an ad out of a magazine and keep it on their desk, but plenty of people will take logo imprinted pens, pencils, or sticky notes and do just that. Promotional items offer you the chance to put your logo literally anywhere in customers’ homes or offices.

10) You’ll Have Plenty Of Ways To Change Up New Campaigns
With print ads, a new campaign means coming up with a whole new ad design, something time-consuming and expensive. With promotional items, you can often switch up an entire campaign just by taking the same logo and printing it on one of the more than one million promotional items available today.

As you can see, there are a ton of great reasons why promotional items consistently beat ordinary ads when it comes to getting results. If you’d like your next campaign to succeed, promotional items are an absolute must.


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