Top Ten Reasons Businesses Use Promotional Items

Below are the top ten reasons that businesses use promotional items:

10. Incentivizing Dealers
Many industries are highly dependent on the dealers or retailers who sell their products, and in these industries it’s fairly common to use promotional products as incentives. Offering a particular reward for those who sell more than a certain amount of a certain product line or model is a great way to increase motivation.

9. Gaining Ears for a Sales Pitch
Few people are interested in sitting down and listening to a sales pitch right off the bat, but plenty of people are willing to do it in exchange for a gift. Promotional items can get you appointments that wouldn’t happen any other way.

8. Encouraging Donations
T-shirts, tote bags, and other promotional products are a time-tested way of generating donations for charities and other non-profit organizations. The gifts not only encourage repeat giving, but also give donors an easy way to promote the organization to others.

7. Generating Referrals
Sometimes, a free gift is the only push customers need to start referring their friends and acquaintances.

6. Introducing New Products or Services
No one can buy a product they don’t know about. Promotional products are an ideal way to let people know about the new products or services your business has come up with.

5. Strengthening Current Products and Services
Relatedly, no one can buy a product they’ve forgotten about, either. Promotional items are perfect for reminding customers about existing products or services they might not have considered before.

4. Employee Appreciation
Employees want to know that you really do care about the work they put in, and promotional products are one of the best ways to show it. Any promotional item can work well for this, but an award or plaque is a good idea for special accomplishments.

3. Giving Back to the Community
Some companies use their promotional items to support the community, giving them directly to schools or other local organizations that need them.

2. Showing Customers They Matter
Customers who know that they’ll get a small gift every time they visit your business are much more likely to come back, even if it’s something small.

1. Drawing in Trade Show Traffic
Finally, the number one reason why companies purchase promotional products is to use them at trade shows. Freebies are a trade show staple, and no company should ever attempt to exhibit without them.

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Top 10 Reasons Businesses Use Promotional Items


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