Thinking About Cutting Your Advertising Budget? You’d Better Think Again…

 Effective Ways of Marking Your Business:

  • Having an attractive website with great SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A powerful high ranking website is not only good for getting your name out there, it is also a good place to sell products nationwide– even worldwide.  A website that does not have a powerful web presence is not a very effective marketing tool.

  • Promotional Products (handout items imprinted with your logo and contact information).  Using the right promotional product can really help keep your business name in the minds of consumers– especially promotional products that are useful everyday items.

  • Direct Mail- Mailing out postcards to your target audience, on a regular basis, is a great way to ensure brand recognition.

  • Magazine Ads- Avoiding small distribution publications.  Make sure your ad is designed by a professional marketing & design firm to ensure your ad stands out and clearly gets your message across.

Combing marketing options is often the best way to get the most results. If you don’t have the marketing money to do what you really want to do– Try co-marketing with a noncompeting business. There are many more marketing options available to you. Not all businesses have the same marketing needs so always consult with a professional, at least once, and get on the right course to properly marketing your business. With a good marketing strategy, there is no money spent poorly.


About John Holland

John Holland is the President of JH Studios, Inc. a promotional marketing company in the Tampa Bay are of Florida. Google+
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