Sip Sacs Custom Printed Beverage Bags

custom printed sip sacsPromotional Sip Sacs Custom printed water bottles and mugs are great for those beverages that need to be poured from a separate container, but what about those times when people are drinking straight from the bottle or can? After all, the average picnicker, partier, or tailgater is usually perfectly content to sip beer or soft drinks right from the containers they come in. How can you put the unique stamp of your event, party, restaurant, or company onto those cans and bottles without extra hassle for your guests? It’s easy: promotional Sip Sacs.

Sip Sacs are very simple and straightforward, consisting entirely of a small paper bag specially designed to slip over any standard can, bottle, or juice box and keep it insulated enough to stay cold for several hours. The simple materials make them both affordable and easy to customize with a printed design, and when not in use, they fold down to a very convenient size for storage.

Since custom printed Sip Sacs will fit over the vast majority of standard drinking size bottles, cans, and juice boxes, they can be used to instantly customize any set of beverages with a particular logo or design. They can be used at festivals, concerts, picnics, weddings, parties, and just about any event you can think of. They’re also a very good way for stores, restaurants, or bars that sell bottled and canned beverages to get a bit of extra promotion out of the beverages they sell without having to switch over to disposable cups.

Custom printed Sip Sacs are a great example of a promotional product that can be used to customize a huge set of existing items without major hassle. If you’re in the market for custom printed beverage insulators for your wedding, party, event, or marketing campaign, be sure to have a look at JH Studios’ custom printed┬áSip Sacs!

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