Retractable Badge Reels for Added Company Branding on a Much Needed Employee Identification Item

custom printed retractable badge reelsHaving company employees, university students, or organization members wear ID badges is a very effective way to increase security, as well as making it easy for people to identify who’s who at glance. However, with ID badges often being used for things like unlocking doors or getting through security checkpoints, it can get very irritating to have to take that badge off and put it back on again every time you need to slide that card through a card reader. This problem is common enough that many companies have taken to using retractable badge reels, badge clips with a built-in retractable cord that allows the badge enough maneuverability to be used in a card reader without having to be removed. Retractable badge reels are extremely practical for companies and organizations that issue ID badges, and with the simple addition of a logo, promotional retractable badge reels are one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your branding.

For companies require their employees to wear business casual or schools and organizations dealing with students and members who wear their own clothes, it can be somewhat difficult to find a way to get people wearing your logo on a daily basis without it looking out of place. Promotional retractable badge reels not only provide an easy way for people to wear ID badges that show their affiliation with a company or organization, but also prominently display the logo on the badge reel itself. Anyone who wears an ID badge has an obvious reason to wear the badge reel, so it’s very easy to get them put into use.

Retractable badge reels not only reduce the time it takes to interact with card readers or other security systems, but also increase the visibility of your business or organization while they do it. If you’d like to give your people an attractive, professional-looking badge clip that will make the security process far more painless, a nice logo retractable badge reel could be just the ticket.

You’ll find hundreds of styles and colors of retractable badge reels here.


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