Promotional Sunscreen for Summer Marketing in 2017

logo printed sunscreenPromotional Sunscreen
There are hundreds of products that can work well as part of a summer promotional marketing campaign, but there’s only one product that companies consistently return to and that’s promotional sunscreen. There’s always a need for it. Everyone needs some amount of protection from direct sunlight, whether they’re someone likely to suffer a sunburn within minutes of exposure to the summer sun or simply someone who’d like to minimize the risk of skin cancer. Whatever the specific reasons, there’s never any shortage of people looking for a good bottle of sunscreen to protect themselves with. Even if you give your sunscreen to someone who’s already got a bottle, you can count on them to keep yours to use after they’ve used up what they already have.

Promotional sunscreen is a very affordable marketing tool, making a good choice for any campaign targeted at a large number of recipients. The compact size of most bottles makes it very convenient, since recipients can easily carry them in their pockets or purses when they’re heading out to the park, the beach, festivals, or other summer related events and activities.

Sun tan lotion is a very good item for business promotions–actually taking place at outdoor locations as well. Many people forget to pack sunscreen when they go to the beach or other outdoor hot spots, only to realize how much they needed skin protection once t hey get there. Promotional sunblock can also be a good gift, incentive, or sales item at many different types of businesses, particularly those that relate to the outdoors in some way, such as sporting goods stores, camping stores, or even travel agencies.

Promotional sunscreen is one of those great promotional products that are not only universally useful, but also not made any less useful by the recipient already having a version of their own at home. If you’re interested in having your company logo printed on a bottle or packet of sunscreen, you’ll find over five hundred variations to choose from here at JH Studios.

Promotional Sunscreen Bottles, Sprays and Packets for Summer 2017

Logo Printed Sunscreen


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