Promotional Sun Shades Provide Marketing Opportunities While Fighting the Summer Heat

bulk promotional sun shadesIf you’ve ever left your car out for an hour or so on a hot day, you know just how quickly the sun can turn the interior of the average car into an oven. Even a short amount of time can not only make the inside of a car an incredibly unpleasant place to be, but can even make the steering wheel too hot to touch! While this is an extremely annoying problem for drivers to deal with, you’ll also find that it provides your company with the perfect opening to solve their problem with promotional sun shades.

Promotional sun shades have a very simple design, but it’s one that does exactly what it needs to. By setting a basic sun shade under the windshield of any car, you can reflect the vast majority of heat-generating sunlight away from the inside of the car. Promotional┬ásun shades are typically fairly similar to each other in design, since they all need to provide the same reflective functionality, but you’ll find that they have a very sizable space for your custom logo. With the average sun shade being over four feet long and two feet high, each one you have produced ends up serving practically as a full size banner for your company every time the recipient uses it to prevent their car from over-heating.

Promotional┬ásun shades are good for targeting any group of car owners. They’re particularly effective when distributed in the spring or summer when people start noticing their cars heating up to uncomfortable levels. If you distribute them at the right time, your recipients will quickly get into the habit of using them to protect their cars.

A promotional sun shade can turn any car into a giant banner advertising your company. If you’d like to have drivers displaying your logo on their cars, take a look at JH Studios’ custom promotional┬ásun shade collection.

Promotional Sun Shades


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