Promotional Stainless Steel Sports Bottles

custom printed stainless steel sports bottles

Reusable water bottles are a very popular way to advertise a business these days, and the companies that use them have found them to be very effective. However, there are many different types of promotional sports bottles available to choose from, and it might not be obvious which type of bottle is best to use for a particular promotion. But while every custom water bottle has its advantages, promotional stainless steel sports bottles stand out as a particularly good investment for most companies.

What sets them apart from other types of reusable water bottles? Largely, their durability. All sports bottles are reusable and capable of lasting for a very long time, but stainless steel sports bottles are capable of standing up to incredible amounts of abuse. A typical stainless steel sports bottle can stand up to being dropped or banged around by the user without breaking or starting to leak. No matter what situation the recipient decides to use it in, a stainless steel sports bottle is likely to survive perfectly usable for the next time.

Despite this high level of durability, custom printed stainless steel water bottles actually aren’t very expensive. They’re typically affordable enough for businesses to use them even when targeting large groups of people. Carrying water in a reusable water bottle is very popular at the moment, so sports bottles make a good giveaway for nearly any group of people. However, they are a particular favorite with those who have an interest in sports or the outdoors. Those who like to run or hike regularly are both more likely to appreciate being given a durable water model and more likely to use it on a regular basis, exposing themselves and those who accompany them to your logo.

Custom printed stainless steel sports bottles are a solid promotional investment that can result in huge amounts of exposure for your company. If you’re interested in having your company logo printed on a stainless steel water bottle, JH Studios has a whole assortment of models available for you to choose from.

Custom Printed Stainless Steel Sports Bottles

Custom Stainless Steel Sports Bottles


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