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Selfie sticksPromotional Selfie Sticks
When it comes to using promotional products to promote your business, school or organization going with a promotional item that falls into the cell phone accessory category is going to be a very good choice. Almost everyone has a cell phone and almost all of those cell phones have a camera. With social media raining supreme for time spent online people are sharing photos more than they ever have in history. Taking a photo of oneself has always been a little awkward and to solve the problem the Selfie Stick was born. With an extendable pole and directly wired into the audio jack of your phone (some also are available using Bluetooth) you can now take a selfie by the press of a button while offering a nice distance to make the photo look natural.  It’s also great for couple or group photos where you want to incorporate a nice background– No more setting a timer and having to run to be in a photo.  There are a few styles to choose from by many different manufactures– personally I like the one seen above that offers the largest and most visible imprint area located on the back of where your cell phone attaches.  Others only offer the imprint area on the handle using a label, but are a little more economical.  Follow this link for our full list of selfie sticks that we can imprint with your logo!

Custom Selfie Sticks


Selfie Sticks Custom Printed




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