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While all promotional products provide some kind of benefit to the recipient, few can make as immediate and important of a difference as a promotional rain poncho. Even a small amount of rain can bring ruin to absolutely any kind of outdoor activity, whether it’s a picnic, a sporting event, or just a day at the amusement park. For businesses or event organizers dependent on people being willing to endure a bit of drizzle, rain ponchos can mean the difference between those people deciding to stay or deciding to head home.

The ponchos themselves come in variety of colors, and the logo is always placed in a prominent position where everyone can see it. Promotional disposable ponchos are very inexpensive, making them a good investment for businesses looking to keep customers comfortable outside on rainy days. Disposable ponchos are very commonly used at zoos, amusement parks, picnics, and outdoor festivals for just this reason. While the comfort of guests is usually the major concern when using disposable ponchos, the logo printed on them helps to contribute to the branding of the location as well.

Reusable promotional ponchos cost a little more than disposable ones, but they’re still one of the most affordable types of promotional clothing available. Reusable ponchos are most useful to people who frequently find themselves spending time outside in light rain. Sports fans are one of the best markets for promotional ponchos, since many of them will find themselves standing outside in the rain during games repeatedly over the course of the sports season.

Whether you go with disposable ponchos or reusable ones, your recipients will be incredibly grateful to remain dry in the rain. To see your company or event logo on custom printed ponchos of your own, head on over to JH Studios’ poncho department.

Custom Rain Ponchos Bulk

Promotional Rain Ponchos


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