Promotional Beach Balls Promote Summer Fun and Your Business

promotional beach ballsSome of the most popular promotional products are the useful ones, but sometimes the best products are the ones meant just for fun! People at outdoor events like picnics or festivals are looking to have a good time, and if they’ll be way more receptive to any advertising message that helps them do that. Promotional beach balls are the perfect example of this.

Beach balls are simple, yet fun, and they can be used almost immediately by the recipient. If you have a booth or stand set up at an outdoor event or on a college campus, you’ll find tons of people willing to come over and talk to your representatives just to get one. A good number will start tossing the ball around right away, giving your company logo even more visibility, while also encouraging more people to come over and get a free ball of their very own. Free beach balls are very popular with companies that sponsor outdoor events and festivals for just this reason, and they’re one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to ensure your logo is present throughout an event.

While promotional beach balls are ideal for outdoor events, they’re also just generally effective as warm weather promotional items– however you distribute them. In their deflated state, logo imprinted beach balls are extremely compact and lightweight, more than small enough to fit in a mailing envelope for those doing mailing campaigns. A free beach ball is also a great way to encourage potential customers to stop in to your place of business during the spring and summer months.

Overall, beach balls can be a nice change of pace from more practical items like notepads or calendars. Everyone wants to have a bit of fun every once in a while, and having your company be the one to provide that fun can do wonders for how people see and relate to you. If you need a fun, summery giveaway for your next campaign, JH Studios has a whole assortment of promotional beach balls available for the job.

Custom Printed Beach Balls

Promotional Beach Balls


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