Promotional Pizza Cutters Help You Get a Slice of the Market

Plastic Pizza CuttersWhen choosing a promotional product you want one that is going to be used often and not just end up in someone’s junk pile.  Logo printed promotional pizza cutters are very practical and commonly used promotional items that will continue for many years to promote your brand.

My first experience with promotional pizza cutters was about 13 years ago when I attended a local tradeshow.  The pizza cutter was made completely of plastic– I thought that was a little odd since every pizza cutter I’ve ever seen had a metal blade.  I really didn’t expect the product to be able to cut through pizza crust– it’s made of plastic!  The next time I made a pizza (which wasn’t very long because I eat them probably more than I should), I decided to use my plastic pizza cutter and to my amazement it worked and worked perfectly!  It was easy to clean because the plastic blade popped out of the grip guard allowing me to clean inside easily. I also liked that I couldn’t cut myself trying to clean it– which is easy to do with metal pizza cutters.  I fell in love with the thing!

I used that plastic pizza cutter for over 5 years before having to finally replace it.  Five years for a plastic promotional product is an exceptionally long time and I must have eaten a few hundred pizzas (I shamefully admit) during that time.  I also used that pizza cutter to cut naan bread and quesadillas.

In the realm of “sales” it has been often said– If you believe in your product, you can sell your product.  I believe in this product and have sold thousands upon thousands of promotional pizza cutters since discovering it and my customers keep coming back for more.

If you’re looking for a logo imprinted promotional item that will have a long lifespan and get a lot of use, I recommend giving promotional pizza cutters a try.  The pizza cutter that I mentioned above can be found here and what’s even better is that the item is made in the USA!


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