Plastic Mason Jars Are a Big Summer Hit

plastic mason jarsPromotional mason jars have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Where once mason jars were used mainly for storing jam or pasta sauce, now people are using them as a fun alternative beverage container at events ranging from weddings all the way to tailgate parties. But while the classic mason jar shape makes it perfect for just about any function you can think of, many people don’t want to have to deal with heavy, potentially breakable glass, particularly at large, often rowdy events. Fortunately, the classic mason jar is now available in plastic form, giving you all the benefits of the mason jar shape, without any of the drawbacks that come with using a glass product.

Promotional plastic mason jars look very much like their glass counterparts, being the same size and shape. They typically have a built-in lid with a straw as well as a handle to make them easy to drink from. The custom logo or message is printed on the side of the mason jar where it’s easy to see. Many designs also incorporate a double wall design, using a double layer of acrylic or plastic to provide insulation, keeping the beverage inside the mason jar cool much longer than it would be otherwise.

People are using plastic mason jars as an alternative to traditional glass mason jars more and more often, particularly at events. No one really wants to deal with broken glass in the middle of a barbecue or festival, let alone at a wedding reception. Recipients also often prefer plastic beverage containers in many situations, and they’re more likely to continue reusing plastic mason jars after the event is over.

Custom printed plastic mason jars offer a very practical alternative to their glass cousins, without losing any of the style that made mason jars so popular in the first place. If you’d like custom plastic mason jars for your next event, JH Studios can create as many as you need.

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