Personal Misters Make Staying Cool a Great Marketing Opportunity

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If you’d like a way to instantly make new fans of your company, a promotional product that solves a small, yet incredibly annoying problem is one of the most effective ways to do it. There are promotional products that prevent all sorts of different kinds of discomfort, whether from bug bites, uncomfortable seating, or in the case of promotional personal misters, hot weather.

Personal misters provide something that everyone wants when out in the sun on a hot day: a cool mist of water across the face. They’re compact and portable to make them easy to carry around a beach, park, or outdoor event, and many also include a built-in fan to allow the user to cool themselves further after they’ve sprayed the mist. The versions with a built-in fan also typically have the advantage of a larger printing area, making it easier to get your logo seen by the people around the user as well as the user themselves.

Promotional personal misters are an ideal item for any summer or hot-weather promotion, and they’re especially successful at outdoor locations and events. They’re very frequently sold at zoos, theme parks, and other outdoor attractions for just this reason. For companies that set up tents or booths at outdoor events or festivals in warm weather, a free personal mister can be a great incentive for convincing over-heated attendees to fill out a form, survey, or questionnaire.

Everyone knows how uncomfortable hot weather can be, and how much of a relief a cool spray of water is to someone who’s been out in the hot sun. If you’d like to have to have customers associating your company with that wonderful burst of relief, you should check out JH Studios’ collection of custom printed personal misters. Your customers will be glad you did.

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