Nut & Bolt Gauges Custom Printed with Your Logo

Nut & Bolt Gauges Custom Printed

nut and bolt gaugesA good promotional product always provides something of value to the recipient, whether it’s a practical tool or just something fun. However, while any useful promotional item can be a good way to get people thinking about your brand, some of the best promotional products can actually be used to make buying and using your own products easier for your customers. The promotional nut and bolt gauges commonly used by bolt and fastener companies are the perfect illustration of this in strategy in action.

One of the most common hiccups people run into when purchasing nuts and bolts is not knowing what size to choose, or even choosing the wrong size by accident. Purchasing bolts or fasteners can be fairly frustrating for people who need a particular size for a project or repair, but don’t have an easy way to figure out what that size is. Logo imprinted nut & bolt gauges give people a quick, simple way to size the nuts, bolts, washers, or screws they need.

This eliminates a huge amount of the hassle involved with purchasing bolts and fasteners, while simultaneously ensuring that customers are re-exposed to the brand logo printed on the gauge every time they size bolts or fasteners. It’s hard to imagine anything more powerful than having your company logo right in front of the customer every single time they’re thinking about purchasing one of the products your business provides.

Promotional nut and bolt gauges aren’t the only promotional items that can make it easier for customers to purchase a company’s products or services. Just about every industry has its own small, but annoying hassles of one kind or another. If there’s an item that can make life easier for your customers that you’d like to see your logo on, we’re sure to have it here at JH Studios.


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