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microclean screen cleanersMicroClean Cell Phone Screen Cleaning Wipes
With mobile devices achieving the popularity they have, it’s only natural that there have been a whole slew of great innovations in promotional mobile accessories in the past several years. After all, what company doesn’t want to have a large number of people displaying their logo wherever they happen to be? There are promotional mobile accessories that can do anything from providing extra battery life to turning a cell phone into a wallet, but the most widespread and most successful promotional accessories have been promotional screen cleaners like MicroClean screen cleaning wipes.

It’s fairly obvious why they’re as popular as they are — every mobile device has a way of getting covered in ugly fingerprints after even a few minutes of use, and there’s currently no cell phone, tablet, e-reader, or other portable device that’s immune to the problem. MicroClean cell phone cleaners not only provide the same cleaning functionality as items like microfiber cleaning cloths, but also have an adhesive gel-backing that allows them to be stuck to the back of a mobile device until the user actually needs them. The recipient gets the benefit of having a handy MicroClean screen cleaner with them wherever they go without having to waste extra pocket space, while the companies that provide them get the benefit of having their logo carried around on countless smart phones, tablets, and other popular devices.


MicroClean screen cleaning wipes are very affordable, but also very useful to the average recipient, making them a very good investment overall. Their low cost makes them a good choice for use as freebies at events like trade shows, and their small, compact size makes it easy to transport enough items for even the largest of crowds without much hassle. If you’ve been thinking about targeting more mobile device users in your marketing campaigns, be sure to check out our selection of MicroClean screen cleaners.

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