Miami International Boat Show 2017 Location, Date & Exhibitor Advice

miami boat showThe Miami International Boat Show 2017 is a massive boat show featuring activities and seminars for new and experienced boaters alike. Every year, a whole range of companies take the opportunity to sell products and services to those who attend.

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Prepare Well in Advance
The Miami International Boat Show 2017 allows both indoor and outdoor exhibits, as well as exhibits on the water. This makes it incredibly important to reserve your exhibit area in advance, so that you can ensure that your exhibit is in the area it needs to be. Exhibiting a boat on the water can be very memorable for visitors, but exhibiting a boat out of the water can make it easier to show it off to a larger number of people.

Wherever you schedule your exhibit for the Miami International Boat Show 2017, be prepared with a memorable display. You should have as many logo imprinted items as you can to link your boat or display to your company, including signs or flags. People tend to think more about the products they’re seeing than the company displaying them, especially with large, impressive items like boats, so repeated use of your logo is essential to building that link in the minds of your visitors. 

Have Freebies to Give Out
miami boat show booth giftsPeople always like gifts, and logo imprinted freebies are the most effective way to attract visitors to your exhibit. Good promotional freebies for the Miami International Boat Show 2017 include boating-related items like promotional compasses, as well as general boat-shaped items like key chains or stress relievers.

Like your exhibit, your freebies should be ready well in advance of the show. Come to for over one million products to entice visitors to your booth and keep them thinking about you after they leave. You’ll have a great deal of visitors coming to your exhibit, so make sure have enough freebies ready for all of them.

Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail 2017

Date: February 16-20, 2017

MIAMI, FL 33149
(map for directions)

Miami International Boat Show & Strictly Sail 2017 Official Website:


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