Medtrade Spring 2017 Location, Dates and Exhibitor Advice

Medtrade Spring is one of the biggest home medical equipment events in the entire United States, second only to the original Medtrade event that inspired it. Thousands of professionals in the home health care fields will be coming to Medtrade Spring 2017 looking for the products and services they need for their customers. Medtrade Spring 2017 attendees will be making purchasing decisions for home medical equipment distributors and retailers, home health care providers, in-patient care facilities, and many home health care agencies, making the event a prime place for companies in the home medical equipment industry to do business.

medtrade springKeep going for additional information about Medtrade Spring 2017, including the date of the event and the location of the convention center.


1) Have a Display that Sells Your Brand
Your display is the first thing visitors will notice when they get within range of your exhibit, and it will often determine whether or not they decide to talk to you. Create a display that shows everyone that your exhibit has something to offer that they won’t find at any other booth. Visitors should have a fairly good idea of what you’ll be talking to them about before they even approach.

They should also know exactly what company you’re representing before, during, and after the visit. Make logo imprinted banners, signs, and tablecloths visible to everyone, and include your logo on all of your custom printed displays. Those you’ve invited to visit your booth will have an easier time finding you if your logo is visible, and other visitors will have an easier time remembering your company if they see your logo multiple times.


2) Have a Gift for Every Visitor
medtrade 2014 booth freebiesAn engaging display is a solid start, but many Medtrade Spring 2017 attendees will require something more to strike up a conversation. A promotional freebie is highly effective way to get their attention, and it leaves them with a logo imprinted reminder of your business when they move on.

JH Studios has a whole collection of over one million logo imprinted items that companies have used at Medtrade and other trade shows with fantastic results. Logo imprinted back scratchers and heat packs are very good choices for Medtrade Spring 2017, as well as other simple logo imprinted items that have some kind of relationship to the types of home medical equipment products or services your company provides. Order well in advance to ensure your freebies are ready when you need them.


Medtrade Spring 2017

Date:  February 28 thru March 1st, 2017

Mandalay Bay Convention Center
3950 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(map for directions)

Medtrade Spring 2017 Official Website:


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