Get More Leads from Your Leads Groups with Custom Printed Promotional Products

leads group promotional productsGiving promotional items directly to potential customers is the most common way to use them, and in general, it’s very effective. However, many savvy businesses have figured out that they don’t have to limit their promotional gifts to customers exclusively. Sometimes, giving promotional products to those who have the potential to draw in customers for you can be one of the most effective steps you can take, and leads groups are one of the prime examples of when to do this.

There may not be direct business competition in an average leads group, but each member of the group is competing for one thing: the attention of other members. Your fellow members can only bring you leads if your business comes to mind when a lead appears, and if your fellow members haven’t had enough exposure to your business, that simply isn’t going to happen. A leads group meeting only allows for so much time for you to interact, and your fellow members are unlikely to spend their free time outside meetings staring at business cards. On the other hand, plenty of them are likely to use your promotional products if they have them, and each use will give your business more prominence in their minds, making it more likely that your company name will come to mind at the right moment.

Cementing your company brand in your fellow leads group members’ minds could mean a whole stream of new customers, so it’s an especially good idea to choose good items when targeting them. Traditional items like promotional pens, logo coffee cups, and logo imprinted sports bottles are always good choices, and logo imprinted apparel like baseball caps can also do well. Practical little items like promotional Koozies or cell phone screen cleaners are also effective. However, the best items you can choose are the ones that have some connection to your business, such as a car-shaped promotional stress reliever for a car dealership, a promotional tape measure for a contractor, and so on. This will help to clearly associate your business with what you do in your fellow members’ minds.

Leads groups can be a powerful way to draw in customers, but they can only be effective if your fellow members have truly internalized who you are and what you can do. If you’d like to have your fellow leads group members thinking of you immediately when a potential lead appears, we have an infinite number of ways for you to do it here at JH Studios.

Whether you call it a “leads group”, “referral group” or “networking group”, handing out logo printed promotional items is a better way of keeping your name and contact information in the hands of your fellow group members and making it easier for them to refer people to you.  You can find a vast array of over One Million custom printed items at JH Studios to get the word out about your business.


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