Logo Customized Travel Mugs Display Your Logo on the Go

cushioned travel mugsCreating promotional items that customers find truly appealing is the key to a successful promotional campaign, and sometimes, it’s one small feature of the item that makes all the difference. Take our custom insulated travel tumblers, for example. They have all the same great features as regular travel tumblers, including a BPA-free base that can hold up to 17 oz. of liquid. However, the soft, squishy insulated sleeve elevates this particular promotional product way above other types of travel mugs.

An ordinary travel mug will keep its contents hot or cold for a little while, but without any kind of insulation to keep heat in or out, the contents will quickly come to room temperature. A small sleeve may not seem like much, but this small layer of insulation can be enough to keep any drink hot or cold far longer than it would be otherwise. The sleeve also provides a comfortable gripping surface for the user, making the mug soft to the touch. The insulated sleeve gives recipients a clear reason to trade other mugs in favor of your mug, making them more likely to use it.

The mug itself comes in a standard black color, while the sleeve can be customized with colors like black, light blue, dark blue, lime green, pink, or brown. Naturally, the sleeve can also be fully customized with the logo of your company, or with any other message you’d like to see on it. A nice insulted travel mug is a great item to use as a trade show giveaway, as well as an excellent product to use in a customer rewards program. Rewarding employees with their own customized travel mug is also a good way to boost productivity.

We all have a favorite beverage of one kind or another, and most of us prefer to keep that beverage at the right temperature for as long as possible. If you’d like to give your customers or employees a customized travel mug that’s almost certain to be better than anything they’ve used before, then our insulated logo customized travel mug are the best possible product you could choose.  You can get your own Perka Travel Mugs custom printed here.


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