Employee Gifts for the Holidays – Don’t Be a Scrooge!

personalized employee holiday giftsThe holidays provide the perfect opportunity for any company to give its employees a bit of recognition, but many companies run into a particular dilemma each year — namely, what gifts to give in order to show employees that they’re truly appreciated. Fortunately, there are tons of incredible custom printed employee gifts ready and waiting to be imprinted with your company logo, or even with the names of individual employees if you’d like make your gifts that much more personal. Any of our over 1 million promotional items can be customized with a holiday theme, but there are a few particular types of items that we’ve found to be especially popular as employee gifts.

The first is custom printed holiday gift baskets. Most typically contain foods like flavored popcorn, nuts, pretzels, chocolates, fruit, or other sweets, though you’ll also find plenty of unique gift baskets centered around areas like health or beauty, which typically contain products like high-quality shampoo, body wash, and lotion. Each item within the gift basket is typically individually wrapped or bottled, with the logo imprinted on each individual package, not just the basket itself. Using a custom printed gift basket or gift set is a good way to make sure that your gift basket doesn’t get lost among a sea of other gifts, and that your employees will be thinking of your company every time they eat, drink, or use one of the products from the basket.

Gift baskets provide a very distinctive presentation for the goods inside, but there are tons of other great custom printed holiday gifts packaged in other ways as well. Food is a very popular theme even outside of gift baskets, and you’ll find plenty of custom printed chocolate boxes, candy packs, and cheese sets, as well as gift sets for wine, tea, or coffee. We also have an amazing variety of custom holiday meats, including sausage and salami sets, as well as whole turkeys and hams for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Providing a full roast for someone’s holiday meal is a great way to show your holiday spirit, and the vast majority of turkey and ham gift sets also come with a logo imprinted cutting board that will last long after the meal is over.

Custom printed employee gift baskets and gift sets are both fantastic ways to show your employees that you care about them during the holiday season, but they are far from the only gifts you have available to choose. With a little creativity, almost any promotional item can be turned into a great custom printed employee gift that anyone would love to receive.


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