Koozies Custom Printed for Business Marketing and Wedding Favors

custom kooziesWe have plenty of amazing promotional beverage containers among our promotional product selection, but what about those people who don’t even bother with reusable bottles or mugs? After all, there are plenty of people who simply drink their beverages directly from the bottle or can, particularly when they’re out at a picnic or beach party. Fortunately, Koozies, or can insulators, offer the perfect opportunity to reach out to these people, putting your logo on their cans and bottles without requiring them to pour anything into a separate container.

We carry a terrific selection of can insulators, including both official trademarked ‘Koozies’ as well as a variety of other can coolers and can coolies. The size and shape are fairly standard, being designed to fit over a standard 12 ounce beverage can, but the flexible material they’re made from means that they can be stretched to fit over a variety of different can and bottle shapes. The soft foam can be ordered in just about any color you can think of, while the actual logo of your business can be printed in anything from a simple one color design to a brilliant, eye-catching full-color image. While the vast majority of our canned insulators are printed, we do also have a few models that can be embroidered as well.

Koozies have one simple purpose– slipping over a beverage to keep it cool– and their simplicity makes them incredibly easy for any business to use. They can be distributed anywhere there are people drinking canned or bottled beverages, and most people will simply slip them on to whatever they’re already drinking. This is true at just about any event where people generally drink from bottles and cans, but you’ll have an even stronger guarantee of success if you give them away on hot summer days when people are looking for any possible way to keep their beverages cool.

If you’d like a promotional item that will keep your customers seeing your logo even when they’re drinking from a disposable can or bottle, nothing will do the job better than our Koozies and can insulators.   Find Custom Koozies here.


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