How to Choose a Promotional Item

choosing promotional itemsPromotional items are one of the best tools you can use to make people aware of your company or brand, but some items are more effective than others. If you’d like to ensure that you choose the right item for your next giveaway, there are six major qualities that you should aim for when selecting the product:

Is the Item Straightforward?
It may seem like a good idea to choose a promotional item that has many different functions, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. An item that has one obvious function and that’s easy to use is better than an item with multiple functions that the recipient might find difficult to figure out how to use properly.

Is the Item Useful?
The effectiveness of promotional items lies in their ability to get your logo seen repeatedly, and this is highly dependent on how often the recipient uses it. For the most powerful effect, choose something that you can expect your target recipients to use frequently.

Is the Item Unique?
Whatever item you choose, you need to make it unique to your brand. Your logo should be printed clearly and distinctly on the product, and you should use your company colors on the base of the product wherever possible.

Is the Item Affordable?
Be sure to choose a promotional item that fits into your budget, keeping in mind how many people you need to distribute products to. Choosing an item that you can only afford to buy a hundred of when you really need five hundred is a recipe for disaster.

Is the Item Well-made?
Your giveaway represents your company, and poorly made items don’t make a very good impression. Choose promotional items that show you care about the quality of the products your company puts out into the world.

Is the Item Attractive?
Make sure your items are attractive and that the logo and contact information is incorporated in a visually pleasing way. This goes for any type of promotional item, especially items that are intended to sit on a desk or to be regularly carried by the recipient.

If you keep these six qualities in mind, you should have no trouble finding a great promotional item to use as a giveaway. You’ll find over a million custom printed promotional items that fit the bill right here at JH Studios.

Some Ideas for Promotional Items
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Choosing a Promotional Item


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