How Can You Fight Germs While Branding Your Business?

Hand Sanitizer

With the Swine Flu plastered all over the news day and night, now is the best time to promote personal health and protection while promoting your business at the same time. Right now people are rushing to stores to buy personal hand sanitizing gel and other germ defense products (hand sanitizers were recommended on CNN today).  By offering your clients, and potential clients, a free bottle of hand sanitizer, you’ll be showing them that you care about their health– And with your logo imprinted in Full Color they’ll be constantly reminded of that fact.

Help protect your customers’ health and advertise your business for just $1.08 a bottle or less!

To order your Hand Sanitizer Bottles now,  Click Here.

Antibacterial 2 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer , with four color process laminated label /
decal.  Hand sanitizer, (antibacterial ) made in the U.S., 2 oz. bottle for
the price of 1 oz. Aloe moisturizer and citrus scent. Price includes four color
process laminated label / decal. Lamination protects your investment.

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