Homelessness Awareness Promotional Gifts

homelessness awarenessWhile many of our promotional items are used to promote companies or businesses, we always feel a bit of awe whenever we see how much of an impact they can have in raising awareness about important issues. We’ve seen it time and again with issues like heart disease or breast cancer awareness, but seeing the way they’ve been used to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness has been one of the most moving of all.

Homelessness is one of those issues that people are aware of, but usually only in a somewhat distant, abstract sense. Getting people to think about what the homeless are actually going through in their daily lives often requires a bit of a push, simply because the reality is so unfamiliar. House-shaped products like calendars or stress relievers are a good way to make that push, particularly when combined with statistics or phrases designed to get people thinking. It’s one thing to be vaguely aware that there are homeless children in our country, but reading that “Over One million American children went without a home last year” really gives the problem a whole new magnitude.

This sort of broader context is a good way to emphasize the importance of the issue to those learning about it, but sometimes taking a more personal approach can also be beneficial. One of the strongest homelessness awareness items we’ve seen put into action was a promotional calendar-thermometer, combined with a message reminding the recipient that there are people being forced at this very moment to live, sleep, and survive outsideĀ in dangerous temperatures. To all of us who have the good fortune of having a place to live, we can take for granted what it’s like for those who don’t, and messages like these can serve as very powerful reminders.

Homelessness is a truly serious problem, and unfortunately, it’s one that many of us often tend to underestimate. We’re glad to see people raising homelessness awareness, and we’re extremely proud to work with these organizations and see our products being used to make an impact.


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