Get the Squeeze on Stress Relievers

Stress relievers are a fun and inexpensive way to keep your business name in someone’s face. They are cute, funny, useful and people really like them. They come in all kinds of shapes, including characters, body parts, food items, tools, light bulbs, even Albert Einstein (who is so popular he is sold out at the moment). There are literally hundreds of different shapes to meet any marketing requirements. They are the ultimate customizable promotional item. If you have a specific niche that your business caters to, and there isn’t a readily available stress reliever, we can actually have a mold custom made and create your very own product. They can be used any number of ways, from customer appreciation and trade shows, to holiday gifts. People love to sit them on their computers which is good, because their primary purpose (other than promoting your business name) is to stretch and relax the muscles of the wrist, hand and forearm, which can become stiff and irritated from extended computer use. Stress relievers are one of the most popular promotional products in America. Based on the design and quantity ordered they can range anywhere from 80 cents a piece to 3-4 dollars, making them a fun and cost effective way to market your business. Check out JH Studio’s website, where we have literally hundreds of these fun promotional products pictured. If you don’t find one that’s perfect for your business, call us and we will be happy to help you design your own. Follow this link to see some of our great Stress Relievers.


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John Holland is the President of JH Studios, Inc. a promotional marketing company in the Tampa Bay are of Florida. Google+
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