Folding Sunglasses Transform Summer Marketing

custom folding sunglassesWhen it comes to promotional items, sometimes your biggest competition isn’t as much from other businesses as it is from items your customers already own. Sunglasses are a prime example of this – sure, everyone needs them, but how do you convince your customers to use your pair of promotional sunglasses over a pair they may already have? Folding sunglasses offer the perfect solution to this dilemma, by providing a feature that not only thrills just about everyone who sees it, but that your customers are fairly unlikely to have seen before.

Sunglasses are practically a necessity on bright, sunny days, but as simple as they are, they can be surprisingly difficult to carry around without breaking. The shape and size make them inconvenient to carry around in a small pocket, and the bridge of an average pair of sunglasses is often flimsy and very easy to break. Folding sunglasses solve both of these problems in the most efficient way possible, using conveniently placed extra hinges to create a pair of sunglasses that can be folded down into a size that will fit in any pocket. The bridge of the sunglasses is connected by a sturdy foldable hinge that prevents the sunglasses from breaking, and the optional small pouch protects the lenses from getting scratched up even when stuffed into a pocket with items like keys or coins.

These folding Malibu sunglasses come in a stylish assortment of colors, including white, silver, black, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, lime green, and several shades of blue. Your logo is imprinted on the side of the sunglasses, where it will be seen every time the sunglasses are worn.

Folding sunglasses offer your customers something both practical and unexpected, something that they may never have seen before. Convincing someone to wear your logo has never been easier!  Find them here.


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