Custom Printed 2014 Calendars for Business Marketing

customized business 2014 calendarsWhile the overwhelming majority of promotional items we sell here at JH Studios are available year-round, we do carry a few items that have to be ordered within a particular time frame. Custom printed calendars are one such example. We’ve just entered the production season for our 2014 custom calendars, and we’ll only be offering them for so long. Add in the fact that it’s best to get calendars out before the new year begins, the time frame for ordering them narrows even further.

Fortunately, ordering logo custom printed 2014 calendars for your business doesn’t actually take that much time to do. The only thing you need is to choose one of the incredible variety of calendars available in our selection and provide us with your business logo, and we’ll create a personalized calendar for your business. You can have your logo printed on any type of calendar in production today, whether you’d like to see it on a wall calendar, desktop calendar, business calendar, or pocket calendar. We even have small calendar magnets for your customers to put on the fridge.

Though it has to be done quickly, getting your calendars out to customers is also fairly easy. Many businesses simply keep a neat stack of calendars at the front desk or next to each cashier, and have employees offer them to every customer who stops by. Businesses who might not see clients or customers quite as often, such as medical or dental practices, will often send small, lightweight calendars or calendar magnets through the mail. Nearly everyone who receives a calendar at this time of year is inclined to keep it, so any method that puts your calendar into people’s hands is likely to be successful.

However, that becomes less and less true as the new year approaches, so it’s particularly important to order your calendars now. A little preparation now could ensure that your customers have regular exposure to your logo all through 2014.

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