Custom Printed Stylus Pens Serve a Double Need Making it Twice the Marketing Opportunity

custom printed stylus pensPromotional pens are one of the most classic ways for businesses to promote themselves to customers, but with tech savvy customers more likely to be taking notes on their tablets or smart phones these days, it can’t hurt to have a few modern equivalents as a backup. Stylus pens offer exactly the same promotional benefits that ordinary pens always have, but with the added advantages of not needing any kind of ink to function and being used far more often over the course of an average day. Being that this stylus doubles as an actual ink pen it will get used even more than one of those features on their own which means twice the marketing opportunity.

Anyone who’s had to use a tablet or smart phone touchscreen with their fingers can tell you a few things about the experience. Firstly, it’s guaranteed to leave your fingerprints all over the surface of the screen, even if the whole thing was thoroughly cleaned only a few moments earlier. Secondly, it’s very easy to miss the mark when using your fingers and end up activating buttons or fields that you never intended to, particularly on small cell phone screens or layouts crowded with multiple buttons. Stylus pens are the perfect solution to these two problems, providing a way not only to press precisely the point on the screen that you desire, but do it without leaving any messy fingerprint oils behind afterwards.

However, as practical and useful as stylus pens are, smart phones and tablets almost never come with them included, and the majority of consumers don’t bother to buy them separately. This leaves the field wide open for your own stylus pens, imprinted with your own company logo. Stylus pens are convenient and portable, and once your customers have tried them out, many of them won’t want to go back to using their fingers ever again.

Our stylus pens come in every color of the rainbow, and many of them include additional features like a standard ballpoint pen or an LED flashlight as well. With your company logo printed on the side of the barrel, your customers will be reminded of your business every time they use their smart phones or tablets.

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Custom Printed Stylus Pens




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