Custom Printed Photo Mugs for Lasting Memories of Holidays and Special Occasions

full color photo mugsIf you’d like to remember your special memories in crisp, clear detail even years after the fact, you need to take steps to preserve those memories. Taking photographs of the event is a good start, but making that photo into a tangible object is an even better one. Photo mugs put your special photographs in a place where they can be seen all the time, whether you’re having your morning coffee or relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day.

Since photo mugs are customizable, you can make a photo mug of any important event in your life. People create photo mugs for all sorts of different events, including everything from weddings to birthdays to graduations. Putting the photo on a mug instead of just in a picture frame ensures that these important photos will be seen as often as they should be.

Designing the mug itself is simple. As long as you have a good photo, it’s easy enough to simply have that photo printed on the mug of your choice. The photo can be black and white or in color, but the important thing is that the quality of the photo satisfies you. Naturally, it’s best to also choose a photo that fits the occasion. Photos of the bride and groom are ideal for a wedding, while a photo of the new graduate is perfect for a graduation. For events like family reunions or other parties, many people use a photo of all the attendees as the custom photo for the mug.

The photo itself is often enough in its own right, but for those who desire something more, it’s easy enough to edit a message on top of the photo before submitting it to be printed. Many choose to add the name of the honoree at a birthday party or graduation, or the name of the couple in the case of a wedding. The date of the event or a message like “Happy Birthday!” can also be great ways to add to the memory.

Custom printed mugs aren’t difficult to create, and if you have a photo you’d like to see on a mug, you already have everything you need to order photo mugs of your very own. See our custom printed photo mugs for details.

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