Custom Printed Lip Balm for Winter Marketing

custom printed lip balmWinter is coming, and when it hits, countless people will find themselves needing protection from the effects of frigid weather. There are a ton of great promotional products that reach their high point in winter, including logo imprinted coats, hats, and scarves, among others. However, we’ve consistently found that simple custom printed lip balm is always one of the most successful promotional item choices for the winter, for a few reasons.

To begin with, lip balm is one of the most affordable winter promotional products on the market today, making it possible to target a wide group of people without taking a huge hit to your budget. Individual tubes or containers of lip balm are also very small and lightweight, which means that even large numbers of them won’t take up a great deal of space or create a large amount of hassle to transport. This not only makes them easy to take to trade shows or other events for distribution, but also makes it easier for recipients to carry around in a pocket or purse at their convenience.

As a promotional item, lip balm also has the incredibly useful trait of being something that people gradually use up over time, meaning that they’ll be ready to pop open a new tube of lip balm when winter rolls around. This gives them a particular advantage over more permanent items like hats or scarves, in that a much larger proportion of people will have a use for your lip balm now or in the future, even if they already have a tube or two of lip balm already in their possession.

The weather is already starting to grow cooler, and the sharp cold of winter will soon be upon us. If you’d like an easy, affordable winter promotional item with an extremely broad reach, our custom printed┬álip balm is one of the products you could choose to include in your winter marketing campaign.


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