Custom Printed Lanyards for Business and Trade Shows

custom printed lanyardsWhile a large portion of our business is dedicated to promotional items intended for customers, many of the businesses and organizations that come to us are looking for items for employees, volunteers, or other people associated with the company or organization itself. Having a full uniform is often simply not feasible, whether it’s because of cost, style reasons, or even unwillingness on the part of the people who would have to wear them. However, there are all kinds of cost-effective promotional items that you can use to subtly put your organizational stamp on someone’s appearance while still allowing them the freedom to wear their own clothes, and promotional lanyards are the perfect example of this.

Promotional lanyards are simple, but amazingly effective. The name or logo of your organization is printed all along the strap of the lanyard, making it completely visible from all angles whenever the lanyard is worn. Logo lanyards go perfectly with ID badges, including employee ID badges, volunteer badges, and even guest passes used within your company or organization. Many companies use them to make employees clearly identifiable even from a distance, which can be especially useful in crowded situations like trade shows.

Lanyards can work well either on their own or with additional promotional items or custom uniforms. Businesses that require all employees to wear custom uniforms, as many stores or restaurants often do, will often use logo lanyards either to hold employee name badges or keys to restricted areas, while businesses that merely have dress codes will often use them to create a continuity between the appearance of different employees. Organizations and schools often use them for similar reasons, while many also sell their lanyards to donors or students during fundraisers. Logo imprinted lanyards are also a very common sight at summer camps and volunteer events.

There aren’t many types of promotional clothing or accessories that are practical for nearly any situation, but lanyards are definitely one of the few that are. It only takes a second to slip them on, and your logo will be fully visible for as long as it’s worn.




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