Ice Scrapers Custom Printed for to Market Your Business this Winter

custom ice scrapersWhile most promotional items can be used year-round, some of the best promotional items out there are actually seasonal items. Ice scrapers are the perfect example of this. Ice scrapers are generally needed during the late fall, winter, and early spring, when the weather gets cold enough for rain and snow to leave ice on car windows during the night. Just about everyone who lives in a colder climate uses one, and most drivers like to keep at least one in the car during the winter months to ensure that they have one when they need one.

This makes it very easy to get your promotional ice scraper into your customers’ cars where they will see it regularly, often even on days when they don’t actually use it to clear ice off of their cars. Fall and early winter are the best times to target your customers with ice scrapers, since many will opt to simply take your ice scraper and keep it in the car right away. If you get it to them early enough, you can ensure that your ice scrapers are used after every snowstorm or ice storm that season.

Ice scrapers can be an effective promotional tool for any business situated in a colder climate, but they make especially good sense for businesses relating either to cars or winter weather. For instance, ice scrapers are a great item for car dealerships or auto mechanics to provide their customers, and new car owners in particular are very unlikely to have one already. Snowplow companies can benefit from providing ice scrapers to potential customers in the area, as well as first-time customers who have just rented their services. Any kind of snowstorm is going to force drivers to scrape the ice off of their car windows, and many of them are going to be thinking about other snow removal services they need at the same time. Having your business logo right there at that moment will give you a huge advantage.

Whether your business relates to cars, snow, or something else entirely, ice scrapers are an incredibly effective way to promote to customers in colder climates. We carry an exceptional range of ice scrapers to choose from, and they can all be fully customized with the logo and contact information of your company.


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