How to Boost Sales with Promotional Products

Businesses of all sizes need to have one essential thing if they want to achieve continued success, and that is good marketing. Even a strong brand can quickly lose ground to other companies without consistent effort to maintain a prominent position in the minds of the public. However, promotional products aren’t just a way to keep people aware of your company– in fact, many companies actually use them for directly and immediately boosting sales.

How is this possible?

It’s simple. Promotional products can provide incentives for customers to buy more products. Many businesses run promotions where they give a free gift to any customer who buys more than a certain amount at one time, such as $25 or $50. A customer who has already come in for $15 or $20 worth of stuff will often up the amount they purchase during that trip just to get the small reward.

Some businesses don’t limit themselves to one time promotions, and in fact create whole customer rewards programs based on this principle. Customers who have spent a certain amount of money or used a particular service a certain number of times get more and better rewards each time they reach a new threshold. This strategy is as popular with nonprofit organizations as it is with businesses, which is why you’ll often see charities giving a T-shirt to everyone who donates above a certain level, followed by a tote bag for those who reach a higher level, and so on. The cumulative effect of multiple, increasing gifts is very powerful, and it ensures that your most valuable customers are always thinking of your company or organization.

Promotional products as custom sales incentives are a very viable way of boosting sales, and just about any type of product can be used to do it. If you’re looking for logo imprinted products that you can use to boost your sales, we have plenty right here at

Promotional Products as Sales Incentives


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