Army Recruitment Promotional Items

army promotional itemsArmy Recruitment Promotional Items
Promotional items are a necessity when it comes to recruiting. The reason is that promotional items work perfectly for two very important aspects of the recruitment process– firstly, catching people’s attention and secondly, building a relationship. A free Army sweatshirt, travel mug, cell phone accessory or key chain is a good way to encourage a potential recruit to stop in and learn more about joining the U.S. Army. Promotional items can even be used to encourage large numbers of people to attend a recruiting event. Having a physical army logo imprinted item to take with them ensures that they remember you, the recruiter, far more strongly after they leave.

If recruitment depended on getting everyone to join the first time they met a recruiter, the Army would be much smaller than it is today! Some potential recruits might take weeks or months to decide, while high school students and some other potential recruits might even need a year or two before they’re even fully eligible to sign up. Army promotional items remind potential recruits that the option to join is always open.

In addition, once your promotional items are in the hands of potential recruits, they do a double duty, working on both the recipient as well as others around them. A simple item like a baseball cap can have a similar effect to a uniform on a much smaller scale, making the wearer feel like they could be a part of something bigger than themselves. Their friends and family members will also be exposed to your message, expanding the number of potential recruits even further.

We are a GSA Certified vendor and help Army recruitment offices, across the United States, procure promotional items of all types and quantities.  You’ll find some ideas below.  We offer over One Million promotional items to help you with your recruitment process.

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Army Recruitment Promotional Items

Army Recruiting Promotional Items



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