Air Force Recruiting Promotional Items

Air Force Recruitment Promotional Items
USAF logo printed promotional items have been especially successful with Air Force recruitment. Showing people that they can really be a part of the Air Force is one of the most important functions of any recruitment promotion, and promotional products are one of the easiest ways to do this, particularly over the long term. When you give a man or woman an item like a USAF baseball cap, cell phone accessory, sports bottle, or other branded item, you’re giving them a tangible indication that they’ll be welcomed as a part of the Air Force. And the effect doesn’t disappear when they leave the recruitment office, either — you can expect each recipient to be reminded of their potential place in the Air Force every time they see, wear, or use the items you gave them.

While long term exposure to your recruitment message is one of the greatest strengths of USAF recruitment items, they can also be a huge help in getting people interested in the recruitment process in the first place. Many recruiters offer them as a draw to potential recruits to come in and listen to a recruitment message, while others use them during recruiting events. Having everyone in a large group of potential recruits put on a USAF baseball cap or other item of promotional clothing is a powerful way to get them thinking of themselves as not just random individuals, but as potential members of something much greater.

It takes time and consistent exposure to the USAF recruitment message to truly convince someone that they could be a member of the US Air Force, and recruitment promotional items do that better than any other advertising medium. JH Studios has been providing USAF recruiters with promotional items for a very long time now, so be sure to check out our website if you’re looking for items for your recruitment efforts.

JH Studios is a GSA Certified vendor providing the USAF with quality budget friendly promotional items.  We offer over 1,000,000 custom printed items from ABU Camouflage items to everyday household, office and leisure items– all of which can be custom imprinted to help you, the recruiter, reach potential recruits faster and more effectively.

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Examples of USAF Recruitment Promotional Items

Air Force Recruitment Promotional Items



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