How to Market with Promotional Products

promotional productsMaking your business stand out from the competition is difficult, but promotional products are a good place to start. By using the right items at the right time, you can make huge numbers of customers aware of exactly who you are and what you have to offer.

However, before you jump into the world of promotional product marketing, there are probably a few things you’ll want to know first.


  • They have an intrinsic worth that people immediately recognize. People will rip down or throw away printed ads without a second thought, but they’re much more reluctant to throw away a free travel mug or baseball cap.
  • They get your logo seen again and again. Where people might see an ordinary ad once or twice without thinking about it, they’ll be reminded of your brand every single time they use an item with your logo printed on it.
  • They’re affordable. Advertising on TV, on websites, or in newspapers is not an insignificant expense, and promotional items offer a far better value for the amount you pay.
  • They’re distinctive. Promotional products offer far more variation than traditional ads, and people find physical objects more memorable than flyers or billboards.



  • Getting the word out about your business. Everyone likes free stuff, and a free logo imprinted item makes a great impression on any potential customer.
  • Thanking existing customers. This could be as simple as providing a small key chain or pen to every customer who visits or as complex as a multi-tiered customer rewards program, but giving gifts to customers is always a good way to encourage their loyalty.
  • Thanking employees. Everyone wants to see their work appreciated, and promotional products are a nice, tangible way to do just that.
  • Rewarding new members. If your business or organization is run on a membership structure like many gyms and clubs, having a physical gift for new members can be just the push some people need to sign up.
  • Raising money for a good cause. It’s easy enough to become a sponsor for a charity or non-profit organization, and most organizations are willing to allow promotional items at walk-a-thons and fundraisers, especially if you promote the cause along with promoting your business.
  • As a vehicle for discount coupons. Many promotional items can have coupons built into the item itself, and some businesses will even offer special discounts to customers who show up wearing ordinary promotional items as well. Both methods are great for generating repeat business.


  • Distribute them through your business. Give your promotional items away during your grand opening or during a holiday or promotional event within your business. Your customers will be thrilled to receive an extra freebie during the visit.
  • Distribute them at other events. If you participate in events like conventions or trade shows, these are the ideal place to get your promotional products to potential customers.
  • Give them away prizes. Making your promotional products prizes to be won in a raffle or contest not only provides extra opportunities for gathering names, phone numbers, or addresses, it also makes the giveaway itself much more memorable to those who participate.
  • Send them through the mail. Not every promotional item is the right size and shape for bulk mailing, but items like key chains and mini-boomerangs are top performers.

Now that you know the whats, whys, and hows of using promotional items, you should have no trouble figuring out the right ones for your business. Even a few simple promotional products can yield incredible results.

Promotional Products

Marketing with Promotional Products


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