Great Marketing Tool for Grocery Stores

I’ve recently stumbled upon a great marketing tool for grocery stores that is so helpful to shoppers that it’s sure to be a hit!  Introducing the One Trip Grip Multi Shopping Bag Handle!

Marketing tool for Grocery Stores

One Trip Grip

It comes imprinted so your logo will always be present every time a shopper uses this tool to when having too many plastic shopping bags to carry (which can cut off the circulation in their fingers and wrists).  This very clever tool is made of incredibly strong ABS plastic and is designed to carry many shopping bags, linking them all together much like keys on a key ring.  The shopper will be able to carry all of those bags with the greatest of ease and your grocery store logo will be right on the grip.  Think this is the kind of promotional product that you’ll need to giveaway?  Think again.  This is such a handy shopping tool, that once people start seeing them in action, they’ll pay up to $10 a piece to get their hands on them!  You’ll not only make money off of selling this product, you’ll also be advertising your business by imprinting it with your logo.  Need I say more?  Buy them here and be one of the first grocery chains to start selling this long lasting shopping (marketing) tool today!


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